Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished Chrome

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Deals For Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished ChromeInspired by the beauty and bliss of ocean waves, the Lahara collection gives your bath a unique elegance | Collection: Lahara. Depth: 3.7187". Manufacturer Finish: Polished Chrome. Material: Base Plate & Posts: Zinc. Roller: Brass. Wall Plate: Steel. Product Finish: Chrome. Product Type: Toilet Paper Holder. Size (Center to Center): 6.5" (165.1MM). Width: 8.5". Shop countless Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished Chrome deals at once. We've got Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished Chrome plus much more! You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished Chrome price over the online source. You have to create certain you'll get the simplest value by comparison Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished Chrome. Make sure the shop keep your personal data non-public before you get Lahara Toilet Paper Holder Polished Chrome.
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