Fresca Ellite 18" Dbl Towel Bar Brushed Nickel

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Cheap Fresca Ellite 18" Dbl Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel

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Cheap Fresca Ellite 18" Dbl Towel Bar, Brushed NickelAll of our Fresca bathroom accessories are made with brass with a triple brushed nickel finish and have been chosen to compliment our other line of products including our vanities, faucets, shower panels and toilets. They are imported and selected for their modern, cutting edge designs. If you're keen on a large amount, then you'll definitely love the retail price on

Fresca Ellite 18" Dbl Towel Bar Brushed Nickel!

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Fresca Ellite 18" Dbl Towel Bar Brushed Nickel.

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Products name : Fresca Ellite 18" Dbl Towel Bar Brushed Nickel

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