Cloud Pattern Pen and Brush Holder

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Under for Cloud Pattern Pen and Brush Holder Get NowStory about this little designed object:-In the ancient Qing dynasty period, the Manchu people treasured a special thumb ring called BanZhi. BanZhi has been made from jade, bone, tourmaline, gold, silver, agate, or coral. People would use BanZhi as a decorative ring to wear, but also as an implement for use during archery.-Later on, intellectuals would simply carry it around with them as a beautiful object to look at or touch while enjoying a moment of quiet introspection, drinking tea, or talking with friends. BanZhi would often be given as a gift to a person fighting an addiction like alcoholism or smoking, so no matter what the receiver decided to use it for, it would be very valuable to them.-Why is it such an amazing "ultra-functional" object?-Taikkun Li's BanZhi artwork, branded TK by Taikkun for functionally beautiful objects, is hand-crafted and hand-painted glazed porcelain. Porcelain is a material not otherwise used for BanZhi, which makes Taikkun Li’s BanZhi artwork especially unique. It is decorated with symbolic images: a Chinese landscape to reflect the “chi” or balance in nature, birds to reflect joy, or Chinese characters to hearken back to ancient times. You can use it as a pen holder, paperweight, even toothbrush holder, or simply as something to keep on display in your home. Because you can keep this BanZhi artwork in your home to look at every day or bring it with you in your pocket everywhere you go, it is a memorable gift for yourself or a loved one to treasure for years to come. Everyone will be jealous when you bring it to the coffee shop or library, and they will immediately see it as a sign of intellectual good taste.-Your collection reflects your taste!-Taikkun Li's BanZhi artwork is not just a functional item for your home or office, it would also be a tasteful addition to any art collection. Fine art is often too expensive to buy frequently enough to develop a collection. Everyone wants artwork for their home, but the artwork you may find in stores may often be too artificial in style to appeal to an artistic sensibility. Taikkun Li’s BanZhi artwork is affordable enough that you can buy more than one and start a collection. It is also made in limited quantities, which makes each one an investment piece with value that will increase over time.-TOOTHBRUSH or PEN IS NOT INCLUDED. Looking for a good deal on Cloud Pattern Pen and Brush Holder We've found the best deals Cloud Pattern Pen and Brush Holder from around the web. Research well before buying on-line

Cloud Pattern Pen and Brush Holder

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Cloud Pattern Pen and Brush Holder

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